Tank and Container Survey Europe (TCSE) was first founded in the year of 2010 in Europe, Rotterdam. In the year 2013, Tank and Container Survey Europe Pte Ltd (TCSE Pte Ltd) is been incorporated and headquartered in Singapore for Asia Pacific Markets. 
TCSE aim to be the most competitive and productive service organization in the world. Our competencies in inspection, verification, certification and etc. are being continuously improved to provide the best of the best quality. Our chosen market solely determined by our ability to be the best competitive and consistently deliver professional services to our customers around the world  
To consistently deliver the best quality assured services to our clients around the world with our expertise and professionalism.

We strive to deliver professional inspection services across to all our clients
As part of delivering inspection services, our inspectors will be based on ITCO-ACC / IICL, criteria guideline while performing the inspection.
Our inspectors are pledged to uphold fairness and integrity. 

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